NaPoWriMo Day 17 :

For better or worse, the moon seems to exert a powerful hold on poets, as this large collection of moon-themed poems suggests. Today, I’d like to challenge you to stop fighting the moon. Lean in. Accept the moon. The moon just wants what’s best for you and your poems. So yes – write a poem that is about, or that involves, the moon.

Artoonsinn Prompt Day 17:

Write a poem on the theme “Soul Searchers”

I’ve combined the two prompts in the poem below:

Poem: In search of my soul

I sat in my corner of the house,

A mug of cappuccino,

A book in the hand,

I wanted a few moments to myself,

But I guess my “Self” wasn’t ready yet

I asked her inquisitively,

Raised a few concerns,

Pleaded her to delve deep into my mind

But she refused to budge,

She denied a revert

I walked at the beach- at dawn, at dusk,

To the music of waves,

To the hues of the sky,

Hoping the feel of sand to help me ruminate

But my “Self”, still seemed in a turmoil

I gazed at the glitterati of the night sky,

Millions of stars twinkled, with moon to glorify

Moon- my confidante, moon- my muse,

It smiled back at me,

My “Self”, my soul, I saw gleaming

I quietly closed my eyes,

To immerse in the moment divine,

I kneeled down to meditate

And synchronously,

The whole galaxy offered to resonate

At last, my soul and I, felt one

My search for soul painted a portrait ethereal!

©Vandana Bhasin