I am following the prompt of ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour for Day 19.

The prompt is to write a poem on one of your memories

Glorious Memories

Head bowed, hands folded, bent on knees,

We both were seated beside each other,

The Holy book, ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ had been laid on stage,

It was time for the ceremony

I felt all eyes on me, as I waited coyly,

Me, the bride clad in lehenga that was pink

The ‘Ragi’ took his place,

The one authorized to officiate our wedding

Tears started rolling with each ‘shabad’ (hymn) that I heard

‘Laavan’ was sacred for me, a ritual I truly believed in

 “Listen to the verses, it’s Lord’s blessing,”

I was told by others, who noticed me weeping

With each Laavan, I felt being uprooted,

From my home that had nurtured me,

From my parents who adored me,

From my siblings who embellished my journey

As I circled around the Holy book for each Laavan,

With the man who would now be my hubby

A person with whom, my life I would be sharing,

I knew, a new relationship I was entering

A new phase was about to commence,

But my present I didn’t want to relinquish

With every step I took with him,

I prayed for balance, with tears pouring in

After four Laavan, we were pronounced ‘married’

Seeking blessings of Waheguru, it dawned on me,

My roots had been laid in this house,

How could I ever change this truth?

A new life,

I may have to begin

But memories of these days,

I would forever cherish

©Vandana Bhasin


Raagi: A person who sings hymns (also called kirtan) from Holy book of Sikhs.

Laavan: Referred to as “phere” in Hindi, a ritual performed for wedding.

Shabad: Referred as ‘kirtan’ in Hindi, these are verses from Holy book of Sikhs.