NaPoWriMo Day 30:

ArtoonsInn Prompt: Write a poem on the theme “Poetry”

Poetry- A Magic Wand!

Scattered words

Labyrinth of thoughts

Emotions overflowing

All woven together in soulful verses

Some reflections, some amusing,

Some voice of the masses,

Some call of the destitute,

Some echoes of solitude

Some words that bring hope,

Some verses that touch the soul,

Some poems that scatter light,

A world where words weave wondrous write

Healing the lacerations of the loving heart,

Poetry reinstates belief in oneself,

When life gets lost in the mayhem around,

Poetry’s a reassurance in the virtues abound

Poetry keeps me sane,

When strife of living threatens me insane

Solace for my soul and my mind,

Poetry’s akin to meditation or divine

Forever grateful I am to Thee,

For this supreme eternal blessing

May poets continue to quill profundity,

And enlighten the world with novel perspective!

©Vandana Bhasin