Universe, they say, has its own ways

Ways of bringing people together,

Together who are meant to be,

No matter where they are

Miles away from you,

In a world that I called my own,

Yet searching for a soul,

A soul that understood me

You walked into my life like a gentle breeze,

Serendipitously, unanticipated, nonchalantly,

Caressing me with your words,

Embracing me with your love

Your laughter became the new rhythm of my heart,

Slowly unfurling the knots that tied me,

I wasn’t just breathing anymore, I was living

Probably, I was in love

Is this how “love” makes one feel?

Immersed in your thoughts,

And cossetted by your care,

My heart overflowing in an emotional sea

Were you and I, meant to cross each other’s paths?

Did stars predestine this journey of love?

Why do I feel a constant yearning?

Is this His divine way of guarding?

But Universe, they say, has its own ways,

“You must go back to your own worlds,

Your hearts now know true meaning of love,

You must undergo the pain and hurt,” it proclaimed

“How unjust is that?” my heart screamed,

How can I survive without your shield?

I pleaded the stars; I questioned the galaxy

But my tears and cries went unheeded

Here I am, battling the void

Trying to decipher the game of Universe,

Waiting for stars to honor my plea,

That it’s only you, who completes me!

I trust the Universe,

I believe in Thee,

I’m waiting for the miracle,

To meet you again, to complete my journey!

©Vandana Bhasin

P.S. “This post is a part of ‘UMeU’ Poetry Blog Hop #UMeUBlogHop organized by Manas Mukul . The hop is brought to you by Soul Craft and You, Me & The Universe.”