2021 has been as tough and experiential for me as for anyone else!

The year had a lot in store for me from a roller coaster of emotions to testing relationships, from painful sights of loved ones to finding my own balance. There was growth at all levels- mental, emotional, spiritual.

I learned perseverance, I learned to be grateful for littlest of things, I gave home to my feelings, I learned to forgive myself for things beyond my control, I indulged in self-love, I attempted to express myself to those whom I never did, I became open to learning and to new experiences. I am learning to gain more clarity about my life and the perseverance to sail the testing moments.

I immersed myself in art without totally losing the grip of writing. And I truly want to pat myself on the back for this. In fact, 2021 taught me in more ways than ever to keep applauding for self without waiting for appreciation from others, as people don’t always see things from your perspective.

I was reminded to trust my journey and to trust the Universe.

I think I’m a much-matured version of myself than I was a year ago. And all this would not have happened without the support, love and understanding of few friends. I wish to tell them that II’m grateful for everything you did for me! Life is easier with you all around 🙂

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, joyous, and enlightened 2022!