I have combined two prompts today. One from ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour that requires us to write a poem on dreams and hopes and the other from Soul craft that requires us to write a poem on the surrealist image above.

Here’s my poem, combining the two prompts!

Title: An ocean of dreams

The land around me is broken and barren,

I’m grateful to be a part of the ocean,

The ocean that has kept me alive

Alive, yes I am,

But I am caged in this ocean,

The ocean of my dreams and desires

I have been struggling to stay afloat,

To find meaning in my desires,

To comprehend the rationality of my dreams

Though the world outside appears impassive,

Even trees have shed their leaves in despair,

I see a streak of hope in the caravan of clouds above

Clouds that keep moving without a whiff of fear or care,

Hope that keeps me going in the captivity of my affairs

Hope to live my dreams; a dream that rekindles hope!

©Vandana Bhasin