I am following the prompt of Artoonsinn today to write a poem inspired by the quote, “In the midst of winter, I found there was within me, an invincible summer.”

Here’s my offering:

Poem: I shine within

Onerous and challenging,

It was, it has been,

But I’ve learned to find my balance within,

I’m slowly inching towards the win

Agonizing and traumatic,

Life offers experiences,

But I’ve learned to smile through tears,

It’s not a sin

Unjustified and judgmental,

The world around me has been,

But I’ve learned to care less,

Stay focused on my goal despite chagrin

Appreciation and empathy,

There’s a dearth in the world,

But I’ve learned to accept and respect my voice,

My dreams and desires shine through the din

Time and season,

Never remain constant,

But I’ve learned to grow through metamorphosis,

It’s snowing outside, but I feel summer within

©Vandana Bhasin