Here’s my poem for the day:

Poem: I am a poet

I am a poet

I speak my heart

I spill on paper, the ink of my emotions

I become that ink

I am a poet

I embellish in words

The truth you’re terrified to speak

I become your voice

I am a poet

I capture the grandeur in verses

I ornate the views breathtaking

I become nature’s speech

I am a poet

I articulate my views unprejudiced

I insinuate at what world believes

I become acuity

I am a poet

I offer sliver of hope with my expression

I am the cool zephyr in heat

I become sanguinity

I am a poet

I clothe the naked truth with my craft

The truth, which as lie, you perceive

I become reality

I am a poet

I immortalize memories

Creating synergy of past, present and future

I become eternity

©Vandana Bhasin