Not really a poem inspired by detective novel or around similes but a riddle for you today 🙂

Hope its easy to guess!

Poem: Can you find me?

I had kept it on the refrigerator I think,

Or was it in the closet,

Must be on my bed side table,

No it’s not even on the mantle

“Mom, it’s not in my bag,”

“Neither in the kitchen it is”

Shouted everyone from their corner

Tired of this daily drill

Oh I’m so fed up of this hunt

I’m sure to become Holmes or Poirot

“Where did you last see it?”

Asking everyone as I follow

Next time, I must put a chip on it,

Before my kinfolks throw me out,

But where did I find it last time,

Wasn’t it on my head?

©Vandana Bhasin