NaPoWriMo Day 29: Today, I went on a trip to question life!

Poem: What is Life

I light my pride to light this night,

To comprehend,

The meaning of life

Life, that is a mystery,

Today, everyday,

Until the day we die

I immerse myself in the bliss of life,

Exulting in the euphoria of love,

And its agony that silhouettes life

Intoxicated with the magnificence abound,

I drench myself in the grandeur of His creation,

Questioning celestials

My rumination, my qualms,

Scattered like stars in the firmament,

I permeate through the void

I collect the dust,

That my dreams left behind,

Pondering the veracity of life


A journey of justifications,

A repository of questions

Some questions are better concealed in the heart

Some questions are better unanswered

Still I wonder, what is life?

©Vandana Bhasin