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About Me

“Believe in yourself and nothing is impossible”.

I am a firm believer of the fact that one can reach pinnacles of success if one believes in oneself.

An individual’s personality and his actions are the results of the thoughts that are cooking up in his mind.

I have had a successful corporate career for a decade.

I now wish to see myself as an accomplished mother so I am gladly spending my time grooming my kids for a future brighter than their parents 🙂

Reading has always been preferable to me than watching screen or chit chatting.

Music lifts my soul. It has the ability to tackle my mood swings graciously 🙂

I love nature. I can spend hours gazing the sky, the mountains and the sea.

I have started blogging recently to pen down the thoughts that keep my brain occupied all the time. Using my energies positively through writing, keeps me charged up throughout the day.

I enjoy reading blogs. It is enlightening to know other’s perspective towards life. I have learned a lot in the past few months in this blogging community and hope to make many new friends every day!

My writings are (mostly) a reflection of my attitude towards life. I really appreciate when fellow bloggers use their precious time to share their views on my writings and help me refine my skills and creativity 🙂


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