Our past is responsible to a great extent in shaping our lives- our thought process, our conduct and our attitude.

We must understand that life is a mixed bag for everyone. All of us are granted our share of happiness, struggles, pain and success. What we choose ourselves is: how we deal with it?

Agony or regret over past has the ability to impair our present and future but accepting, forgetting and learning from our past has therapeutic powers.

It not only heals our past wounds but also provides strength and wisdom for future.

So, let go off all the misery and pain and rejuvenate your mind and soul for a restart with zeal and enthusiasm.

You will be surprised at your increased energy levels as negativity, pessimism and hatred pave way for peace, joy and sanguinity.


Holding on to painful memories, unfortunate events and unhealthy relationships is a tormenting experience. And if we are unfair and unjust to ourselves by letting those fateful events/memories overpower our heart and mind, then how can we expect others to respect our happiness?

We must not forget that we have been blessed with just one life with an invitation to heaven awaiting us. We do not have the luxury to fritter away our time and energy on past events or people over which we have little or no control.

So, gather all the positive energy around you and take a step towards a present that is not a reflection of remorse or anguish but a foundation for victory and buoyancy.

Have a great week!