“Grow up, Grow up”

I heard a voice

“Be responsible”

Demanded another noise

“Don’t act childish”

Rebuked someone old

“Everything isn’t fun”

Wise men scold!

So I grew up fast

My childhood didn’t last

I was soon responsible

Prudent and sensible

I found peace in studies

I had to win from buddies!

Sports, music, friends

Was no more fun

Rain was no different

Than a shining sun

I won the race of time

My work was now prime!

I worked with zeal

To seal every deal

Love, care and smile

Kept waiting half a mile

I was now a great leader

Who followed all procedure!

I was chasing my dream

When I heard a scream

But why should I care

As I was a millionaire

Then some giggles came my way

That I couldn’t disobey.

I followed it down the alley

Like return of comet Halley

There were kids all around

Happiness was abound

Cackles and chuckles

No troubles, no principles!

I fell in love with innocence

Their trust and their ignorance

Their love unmaterialistic

Their joy so realistic

Their feelings so pure

I wished I were immature!

I craved for my childhood

No qualms about livelihood

I yearned for those playoffs

Ignorant of layoffs and payoffs

I pined for those lively days

Splashing rain in a hundred ways!

When “I love you” slipped off with ease

All I knew was trick and tease

When care didn’t come for a price

I was oblivious of “sacrifice”

When tears didn’t imply a weakness

And smile followed in promptness!

I resolved to recuperate those traits

Having ruined precious days in estates

When you act childish with a child

Your persona is restyled

You reclaim the mislaid track

You force the time to come back!!