The susurration of leaves falling in Fall

The pitter-patter of ambrosial raindrops

The whispers and whistles of the evening breeze

The swashing and swooshing of waves on the beach

Do you hear the rhythm in symphony of nature?




The squawking of sea gulls

The chirping of birds

The fluttering of butterflies

The howling of animals

Do you reckon the rhythm of living on earth?




The syllables and rhymes in verses of poem

The colors and tone in an artistic work

The plot and characters of a captivating tale

The leaps and tiptoes in choreography of dance

Do you fathom the rhythm in feelings and words?




The whimpering and babbling of angelic infant

The ranting and vanity of a fervent youth

The trepidations and gratifications of elderly

The ebbs and flows of a convoluted existence

Do you appraise the rhythm of a blessed life?


© Vandana Bhasin