Here’s today’s prompt. Dream dictionaries have been around as long as people have had dreams. Interestingly, if you consult a few of them, they nearly always tend to have totally different things to say about specific objects or symbols. Dreams, unlike words themselves, don’t seem to be nicely definable! At any rate, today’s prompt is to write entries for an imaginary dream dictionary. Pick one (or more) of the following words, and write about what it means to dream of these things:




Ballet slipper


Wobbly table



 I went ahead with all the words. Check out for yourself 🙂


Poem: My Dream Dictionary


A dictionary about dreams

Has never been my dream

But I love the idea of learning

Some bits about dreams



A teacup in your dreams

Without tea what it means

You plan to quit sipping tea

But you are hooked to the cup it seems



A hammer is the sign of vigor

That you really wish to attain

And a seagull over the sea

Might mean you want to fly again



A ballet slipper is probably the balance

You wish to attain in life

While you also dream to be powerful

As a shark that eats your dreams



When a table you dream that wobbles

You probably need some focus

And it seems you are afraid to lose teeth

When a dentist visits your dreams



What a rowboat signifies

That you still have some ties

And you want to elude from your worry

By rowing the boat in a hurry



Now don’t take my words for granted

For I only quilled some verses

As I saw some pen and paper

In my last night’s dreams


©Vandana Bhasin