It’s never too late to begin and we are never too old to set a new goal or chase our lost dreams.

Regrets have become a part of our nature. We often keep resenting our lost opportunities but we forget that in doing so, we might be repeating our past mistakes, we might end up losing out on valuable time again, we might be failing to acknowledge the present opportunities and we might be forgetting to make a beginning today!

The only role of scars should be to remind us of our lessons from our mistakes and not to restrain our footsteps from moving in the direction of our goals, dreams and opportunities.

The only thing that stops us from reaching the skies is our belief. If we believe ourselves to be a victim of our past actions, then future will always be a fantasy for us. But if we choose to move ahead despite our mistakes and believe that past has only evolved us into a more confident and learned person, then we are equipped to ink our own destiny!

No more guilt or any regrets

No more shame or any debts

No more tears or any duress

No more fears or any threats

Not a single wound

To confirm to infirm

Not an ounce of trepidation

To rattle my affirm

Only then can I, be truly free

Free from my past

Free from my faults

Free from whatever restrains my thoughts

And then I will surge

To change this world

For liberated I will be

And I’ll beam with energy

For I will be a cloud

And free to take any form

And still have the strength

To veil the mighty Sun