While reading a few articles on “How to break the pattern of negative thinking” I came across a suggestion that we should have a positive mantra to be used everyday, especially when we find our mind magnetized towards negative thoughts.

In my experience, negativity works as a loop wherein once trapped, it’s challenging to find your way out. You start assuming that all the bad things would happen to you even at the slightest deviation from the normal. While positivity infuses energy to comprehend that things are shaping up and would be better with the passage of time.


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Published in the Journal of Brain and Behavior, the study found that if we silently repeat a positive personal mantra, it calms and quiets the mind and reduces negative self-assessment.

This positive mantra could be any group of words that conjures up optimism and hope in you.

Now I’m sure each one of us is a very good critic of self and we are often caught in the cycle of negativity. So, why not try and phrase our positivity mantras!

I often remind myself “Trust God and have faith in Him. This is His plan for me and He will take care of me in every situation.”

I have decided to adopt this as my positivity mantra. It helps me balance my mind and stay focused on my goals while sustaining my belief that each situation is transitory and its impact will subside soon enough.

I would love to know what words/phrases do you guys use that act as a catalyst for breaking your negative thinking pattern. It might help others or me in phrasing/ rephrasing ours. In fact I would be glad to consolidate all in a separate post and we all can use it as a reference from time to time- An aggregation of positive mantras!

Please do share yours in the comments below.