The morning sky was more picturesque than my imagination. Gleaming with amber and ochre that was painted by the rays of the Sun, the sky appeared divine. It probably spelled the blessings of the Almighty for me, especially today. My body had been preparing for this day for last two months, with qualms girdling me unabated.


Sky had been my confidante since childhood but more so since the day I had entered this room, exactly two months ago. It was the only view from my window that kept me assured that colors still existed; that there was still hope to borrow some shades from the nature to sprinkle on the canvas of my life; a vindication that even now, there was much more to life.


As the hues of the sky varied with the time of the day, I felt that change was still a probability. I was reminded, “Nothing stays forever; Change is the only constant.”


Dawn doesn’t last for long, nor do good times. Night also needs to go away when Sun shows up, then how could my miseries last forever.


So I clasped onto the hope of recovery. The changing face of nature with every passing hour; the arrival of dawn after each night- no matter how dark or painful the night had been, reinstated my faith in revival.


The accident had shattered all my bones and spirits but my heart was still pounding and my lungs still inhaling the crispness of morning air.


Nature was healing me in its own magical way.


Daybreak had instilled a sense of serenity in me today. I was ready to face the challenges that lay ahead. I knew that the journey wouldn’t be smooth but I was ready for upheavals in the road. The grey clouds had given way to the bright yellow, as Sun commanded some space in the skies.


“I’m ready for the transplant doc,” I said smilingly to the doctor, who was as hopeful as I.

©Vandana Bhasin


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