NaPoWriMo Day 26:

I followed the ArtoonsInn Prompt today to write  a poem on the below picture:

Poem Title: The invisible mask

Hush! Don’t speak up, don’t talk like that!

We are advised from birth till we breathe our last

Veil your emotions, don’t act or react,

Just follow the course, why look beyond the track

Your tears or fears, they say, must stay repressed,

Why can’t you adorn a smile than retort?

Oh! You must have been the victim of their conduct,

But why not just accept and leave things to chance

Suppress, inhibit and slay your emotions

Aren’t we all expected to heed to this diktat?

Acrimony, rage, abuse, we agree it’s detrimental

But give us a chance to voice our opinions, to state some facts

Smothering true emotions, we all don a mask

For every occasion, person or task

The mask that has seized our true identity

The mask that silently curbs our liberty

The mask that our race inherited as its legacy,

The mask that weighs us down and questions our verity

Can we take off that mask for once, dear society?

Can we see our true faces; can we wake up from insobriety?

©Vandana Bhasin