This poem is based on a prompt that requires “conceit”  to be used as a poetic tool. A poetic conceit is often an unconventional, logically complex, or surprising metaphor whose delights are more intellectual than sensual. In metaphor, we try to bring out similarity between two very different things. A conceit is like an extended metaphor where the two objects are absolutely and completely different. 

I have tried to bring this out in this poem by using ‘a book’ and ‘an orphan child’ as two objects of comparison.


A somber face,

No color or glow.

No sign of bliss,

No desire or remorse.

Waiting on bookshelf,

No complaints.

Like another child

In the orphanage.


Like a plant in the garden,

Or a star in the sky,

Like a pearl in the ocean,

Or a bird soaring high,

Just another one,

Yet the only One,

And truly,

A unique one!!


An ocean of knowledge,

A stream of hope,

A parcel of courage,

And patience to cope,

Waiting to be discovered,

With courage and hope,

Like the child in the orphanage

With treasures unknown!