Yay! Finally we have reached the end of the journey with pride, elation, learning and growth! Thanks to Maureen for this stupendous journey.

The challenge today is to write a poem that engages with a strange and fascinating fact. It could be an odd piece of history, an unusual bit of art trivia, or something just plain weird. 

Playing with the words all day, I decided to dive into the world of words and found some interesting facts (I am certainly going to write a post about it!)

I have written my poem on the basis of two facts about world’s smallest book and world’s  longest book.

Here’s my take. Hope you like it!


Poem: The world of words


How diverse is the world of words

How magnificent is the influence of words

I am amazed to know the fact

That has challenged my belief of words



The smallest book in the world

Whose pages can only be turned with a needle

Shows the ingenuity of the genius publisher

And the grit of the book’s reader



But that doesn’t impede Proust’s efforts

To launch the longest book in the world

I wonder how he managed to compile

More than nine million words in a file



How queer is the world of words

Fascination and learning it confers

Each word has its saga and origin

Each word has a place of it own


©Vandana Bhasin