Hello fellow bloggers!

Apologies for just vanishing for last two weeks. NaPoWrimo was indeed quite exhausting and with my Life Coach course almost reaching its conclusion by the end of this month, I was just not able to manage writing for the blog or reading your wonderful posts.

But, no worries, here I am with a new beginning. We are also moving to a new house next month. It’s a challenging phase as I have been living in this house for last 14 years and my husband and in-laws for last 37 years! So, this poem is a kind of reminder to self that the move, the change and the new beginning are all for a better life 🙂


Beginnings are the pulse of life

A savior in turmoil and strife

Like stars instilling light in obscurity of night



Beginnings are a drop of sunshine

A ray of hope to realize our reverie

Like a tiny sapling that envisions to be a tree



Beginnings are a vision to the blind

A smile in face of excruciating times

Like exuberance of parents on birth of a child



Beginnings are culmination of conflict and terror

A chance to excel, shine and soar

Like autonomy in the times of war



Beginnings are a victory over fears

A stimulus embracing transformation

Like progression after years of stagnation


©Vandana Bhasin