Seek Miracles In Life Everyday

Smile my dear, smile it away

For your smile sways all the pain

Your smile renders you humane




The gateway to everyone’s heart

Is the warmth that smile imparts

A healing touch for the wound

My dear! Your smile enlivens the mood




Smile is the sound of silence

Smile is trust, hope and reliance

Smile has power to amend a situation

By just restraining your reaction




A mirror of your inner virtues

Your benevolence, empathy and values

Your smile sprinkles love in the air

My dear, your smile portrays you debonair




Smile is resilience in the face of challenge

Smile is a weapon that makes us valiant

Smile is the radiance that sparkles at twilight

My dear, smile is a jewel that embellishes your life


©Vandana Bhasin