NaPoWriMo Day 8 Prompt:

Today, I’d like to challenge you to read a few of the poems from Spoon River Anthology, and then write your own poem in the form of a monologue delivered by someone who is dead. Not a famous person, necessarily – perhaps a remembered acquaintance from your childhood, like the gentleman who ran the shoeshine stand, or one of your grandmother’s bingo buddies. As with Masters’ poems, the monologue doesn’t have to be a recounting of the person’s whole life, but could be a fictional remembering of some important moment, or statement of purpose or philosophy. Be as dramatic as you like – Masters’ certainly didn’t shy away from high emotion in writing his poems.

Artoonsinn Prompt: Write a poem based on the picture below.

Though I was in no mood to write a dark tale but the two prompts guided my pen to do so 🙂 I’ve combined the two prompts into one poem:

Poem: I wait for you

A red ensemble with rosy stilettoes

Eyes bedazzling with love, and black Kohl

With exuberance impregnating the air with romance

I waited to tie the knot as I danced

Walking the aisle in black tuxedo

With shimmering eyes and smile incognito

You held her hand as you’d held mine

Dressed in pink she stood behind

My dreams shattered into a million pieces

Our years of love vaporized in a jiffy

A sweltering pain I felt in my heart-

My heart that was now profusely bleeding

You scrunched, you crumpled, you disparaged my heart

You squeezed every ounce of love from it,

But no streak of shame, no speck of remorse

How your world of lies had manipulated me

I lie here alone in the city of dead

I am devoid of love, bereft of emotions

With hopeful eyes, I anxiously await

I wait for your turn, to come to your grave

©Vandana Bhasin